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The view from Sonoma Chalet's Farm View Suite looks towards the east and the lower reaches of the Mayacamas Mountains, which separate Sonoma Valley from the Napa Valley.

The Sonoma Valley, a small basin between two mountain ranges, is not nearly as large as the Napa Valley to the east.  Due to its orientation to San Francisco Bay (we are just 45 miles from the Golden Gate Bridge) and the Pacific Ocean (just one-hour's drive west) we are blessed with summers that are generally not too hot, and winters that are not too cold.  It doesn't rain too much, nor too little.  Warm afternoons are often cooled by marine breezes blowing in from the west over Sonoma Mountain.  The air is clean, and morning fog is not unusual in July and August.

Sonoma Valley Bed & BreakfastMoreover, no major freeway cuts through our lovely valley, and this has slowed development and commercialization.  The view from Sonoma Chalet (seen above) reflects this, where you are more likely to see a cow than a car.  Accordingly, things are more slow-paced and relaxed here, and casual as well.  Those who live in the area choose to do so because it is simply one of the best places to live in the world.

Sonoma Valley California LodgingThe City of Sonoma is where the State of California began. It was here, in the middle of the 1800's, that independence from Mexico was declared and the Bear Flag briefly flew before being replaced with the stars and stripes.  Location of the northernmost mission built by the Mexicans, Sonoma is home to many historical sites, all located within easy walking or driving from the Inn. 

Many illustrious people have made the Sonoma Valley their home; among them, Air Force General "Hap" Arnold, writer MFK Fisher, and of course, Jack London.  And though many assume the wine industry began in the Napa Valley, the fact is that Sonoma hosts the very first winery in California, still in operation today. Now joined by many others, our wines are famous, not for where they come from, but because our unique and favorable conditions contribute to making it some of the world's finest.

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